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our mission

The “Specialist Factory for Lyube VC” has entered a very important stage of extensionÌ For the great growth and prosperity that the State of Qatar is witnessing, it has succeeded For nearly six years, the “specialist” has set unprecedented standards In the field of window systems, U-VC doors and all products other related issues, to provide a model for many to emulate and to keep our promise Following the wise visions under the shade of our rational government, in line with the 2030 vision. . for Qatar We have possessed and ª praise, competence and excellence in the door and window systems sector Youbi VC, through steady and continuous steps of hard work In our career, which achieved high experiences, where we had our mark on the most important Mega projects for citizens’ housing and other projects Large and challenging that required meticulous attention to detail and administrative planning² A great staff and many basic resources that contributed Distinguished Specialist factory for advanced UVC in the field of doors and windows Yoube VC in Qatar among all

our vision

Because the construction sector is considered One of the most important sectors And when, it is the country’s economy This sector operates from Other supporting sectors And support to serve the sector A² constructions where it is considered The architectural facade Give an impression of the Renaissance construction of our country in general , where we are working on a pattern Accurate according to a system of laws Our rational government, and from this The starting point you aspire to To the specialist factory For the YouTuber in C with an opening Many branches abroad Doha

our partners

We also imported the best German and Turkish accessories We, at the specialist factory of Lyube Vc, relied on It is the best German product in cutters The first in the world and considered a strategic ally for us in the State of Qatar
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