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head word Board of Directors Saud Nasser Salman Al-Kuwari Walking towards success is an endless journey, and the secret of that success is persistence in the goal. Our beginnings were with a small factory, but to set a clear vision for our future and develop our present, yesterday Today, we have, praise be to God, an existing factory with a huge capacity that covers the needs of the market On a solid basis and applies the latest administrative systems in the management of systems and facilities, looking forward to During it, we are not only expanding locally and regionally, but we are looking forward to globalization at all levels. system, management, and spread Al-Mukhassy Factory for UPC: An endless success story, thanks to ª and then thanks to its successful management. The empowered administrative staff that aims to achieve the architectural renaissance of the country Qatar and contribute to the success of Qatar Vision 2030 by investing in major projects and providing Job opportunities, training and qualifying them to be able to produce and contribute to construction and development on the The foundations and responsibility of the company

Saud Nasser Salman

Ahmed Khaled Abdullah
Sales manager
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We are the specialist for UVC to provide the best Types of UVC sectors in the world and the best accessories The world has certificates and accreditations from international bodies. We have studied the needs of the Qatari market targeting The best types of UVC sectors, so we made sure that it was Our choice is the first in the world and our prices are competitive and affordable
The specialist factory for UVC comes from the priorities of companies Leading contracting in Qatar that depends on “solid and sustainable buildings” The specialist provides all the possibilities and facilitates all the obstacles of companies Contracting operating in the country. We provide the best types of windows And the doors quickly suit contractors, because we take care of their appointments with their clients. This is because we are always at the forefront of the Yobe companies in C In major bids, because of our human capabilities and the latest systems And special competitive prices

Abdul Latif Hama
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Al Mukhassusi UPVC Factory is one of the priorities of the leading contracting companies in Qatar that rely on solid and sustainable buildings. The specialist provides all possibilities and facilitates all obstacles to contracting companies operating in the country. We provide the best types of windows And the doors quickly suit contractors, because we care about their appointments with their customers. This is because we are always at the forefront of the Yobi companies in the world C in major bids because of our human capabilities, the latest systems and competitive special prices Depends on the best manpower and skilled people with expertise and high competencies that the specialist factory š door systems. and windows Supported by the best installation tools and the best materials imported from Germany and Europe. This is because we take great care to install the best types of glass Thermal resistant to the climate of the country. What distinguishes our installation team is the speed of installation with the best quality ever We also have a hotline for after-sales service around the clock, seven days a week